Even Superheroes Need a Day Off…

The PicFlips team is in full swing this prom and wedding season…And don’t forget the company picnics, tradeshows, marketing tours, and birthday parties!  Whew!  To ensure that the office team doesn’t get burnt out, Shawn and Amy decided to take the team on a surprise mini-getaway…enjoy!


  1. Lowell says:

    This was a great day! Shawn and Amy are awesome for taking us out. Such a fun place and such a good cause!

  2. Melanie Klein says:

    Hi guys,

    what an amazing video! Thanks again for coming out and please remember that you are welcome to come and visit the cats

    Take CARE,
    Mel and all of the 53 Big Cats.

  3. claude says:

    Melanie , you’re Awesome !! Come back Soon “


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