You are not alone.

There seems to be a universal desire to plan the best party possible.  To outdo the last party you threw.  To give your guests an incredible experience during “the most wonderful time of the year.”  To have the most intricate details for your wedding because, after all, you’re only going to get married once.

In general, the pressure to throw such an amazing party isn’t coming from your guests.  It’s coming from within.  It’s an internal desire to give your friends, family or coworkers an experience they are going to remember.  Once the venue, food and drinks, and DJ are taken care of, you want to think about activities to keep your guests entertained, as well as a memento or party favor to remember the fun time they had.   Photos are the perfect way to capture the fun times! Read more…

PicFlips Flipbooks at the Dallas Bridal Show 2013

The Dallas Bridal Show is THIS weekend!!  Come see PicFlips Flipbooks in action and get a FREE flipbook made!


July 27-28, 2013 • 10a-5p

Dallas Market Hall

2200 Stemmons Fwy Dallas, TX 75207

Admission: $12 adults, $6 for Children 14 and under (including toddlers & infants).

Make a FREE flipbook with the company who was at Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s wedding!  See you there, brides and grooms!

Even busy GM executives have time for a flipbook!

USA Today reported that two top General Motors executives stopped by the Chevy flipbook booth at the New York Auto Show (well, not exactly, they said we were a photo booth, but I’ll take it!).  I like this article because it talks about how busy and serious most top executives are, but that they took a moment to enjoy making a light-hearted photo together inside the Greenbrier photo booth.

This really makes my day.  I love that PicFlips flip books can make an intrigued child or a bustling business man both smile at the simple yet clever animation.  And it took less than 90 seconds to receive a finished flip book, so the executives were back on track to unveil the next new vehicle within minutes!  Check out the article for yourself:


Proud Moment for An Owner

I am beaming right now.  BEAMING.  I’ve got a little glow, my cheeks hurt and my heart is about to burst out of my chest.  You might think I’m still beaming from seeing the flipbooks this weekend in person inside the Greenbrier at the Dallas Auto Show.  Yes, I’m not gonna lie.  That was a proud moment and I loved it.  But what I am referring to this morning is the training session we did last night with a new up-and-coming group of staff.

I feel we had our most successful training session yet, and I’ll tell you our method.  We broke our office down into Stations and each Station focused on one detail of the process to make flip books.  How to direct guests to make a good video, how to set the perfect lighting no matter the ambient lighting in the venue, how to safely and properly load the vehicles, etc.  We taught them the proper way to calibrate the machines and then messed it up and had the new team members correct it.  We even had an “Oh crap” session with fixes for anything we could think of that could go wrong and how to take care of it to produce a flawless event.

And as I stood back momentarily to watch my core team train the new ones, that’s when it started to happen.  My chest started to puff up and a smile spread across my face.  PicFlips has moved beyond its founders.  I am not needed to eagle-eye over every event.  You better believe I still quality check sample flipbooks brought back from events, and we have systems in place to confirm consistency in our process, but I don’t hover.  It’s what every business owner dreams about.

And I couldn’t be more proud.