Our graphic designer ROCKS!


We at PicFlips Flipbooks take great pride in our custom designed flipbook covers.  I mean, if it’s going to double as entertainment plus the party favor, it has to blend into the wedding itself.  A natural extension of the wedding.  Every time the guests flip through that sweet little book, they are going to relive those fun memories of the day you got married!

We can match your wedding invitation, add your engagement photos, write a thank you note to your guests on the back.  We create them from scratch.  Can’t get much more personal than that.  One of our grooms even added a tiny little Yoda head into the gorgeous flowers on a wreath design around their monogram.  Not many people realized it was there, but he knew it was and it made him happy to no end.  We strive to please.

I’ve included just a few samples of our work.  Email Amy to see more at amy@iloveflipbooks.com!

We know you take lots of time on deciding on the perfect venue and decor in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex.  Let us help you design some flipbook covers to match your vision!

Standing Out from the Crowd


Weddings are such a special celebration.  The joining of two families.  Months or year(s) of preparation.  A sizeable amount on money spent to feed, entertain and dress for this day.  And when you go to a wedding, you pretty much know what to expect.  That’s why today’s brides and groom want to add personalized touches to give their loved ones a day to remember!

We recently participated in an incredibly fun engagement party…that turned into a SURPRISE WEDDING!  And Kellie and Will pulled it off without a hint thanks to the amazingly detailed coordination by the team at As You Wish Events.  I believe the Father’s speech during the cocktail hour went something like this, “Let’s all raise a glass to toast the engagement of Kellie and Will!  ….But why wait?  Let’s just have the wedding now!” and the bridesmaids and groomsmen were whisked off to the side and the guests were ushered into the beautifully decorated ceremony.  You just know that was the top talk at the office on Monday!

But you don’t have to throw a surprise wedding to make your special day stand out from the rest.  Many brides and groom are finding ways to give this celebration their own touches.   According to the 2015 Newlywed Report, 1 out of 3 couples write their own vows.  Although 72% of couples still do a tiered wedding cake, others are opting for a different type of dessert, like doughnuts.  Over 50% of couples create their own hashtag for social media so guests can follow along (we’ve added many cute ones to the flipbook covers to tie everything together!).  Even more couples create wedding websites to keep their guests informed of the festivities in case the invitation gets misplaced.

PicFlips Flipbooks is celebrating 10 YEARS of serving the DFW wedding community!  I just love receiving thank you notes in the mail from event planners and newlyweds thanking us for a job well done.  After all of these years making memories for brides, grooms and their guests, there are so many people in DFW alone who have not experienced the PicFlips mobile flipbook studio!  Weddings definitely stand out from the crowd when they bring in the flipbook studio instead of a typical photo booth.  It’s funny – the GIF photo booth is making it’s way into the market, but PicFlips can give you both a printed out flipbook and you can add on Social Media Sharing to share the GIF images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email.

Photo booths and GIF booths are fabulous, but there’s just something about holding a flip book in your hand, and feeling the pages flip through your fingers, as the smile creeps across your face.  It triggers the memory of making the video with your friends, while celebrating the marriage of people you love.  And that, my friends, is why we love what we do.  

Boo-k your Halloween party now!


Halloween is the perfect holiday for PicFlips flipbooks!  Everyone is already in costume and ready for some fun!The PicFlips calendar is almost full for Halloween weekend, so book soon!  Look for the PicFlips’ mobile flipbook studio at church Fall Festivals, Halloween soirees and costume parties at the end of October.  Don’t be left in the dark!

When Experience Matters…


PicFlips is based out of the DFW area in Texas.  We’re the ones who started the flipbook craze at events and have the patent to prove it!  We’ve been doing events in the Dallas Fort Worth area for 5 years now and have become quite the fixture at parties and events in the metroplex…from heart-warming non-profit galas and action-packed bar/bat mitzvahs to dreamy weddings and memory-filled proms.  We have the best job ever because we go to parties for a living!  The PicFlips team is so privileged to be included in our client’s most precious milestones and events, and we take pride in the job we do!

We have a professional graphic designer who tailors the custom covers to match each event, which are then beautifully printed on glossy paper by a local print shop.  Our event teams are thoroughly trained and held to a high standard.  Even our props are specifically chosen to go along with the theme and colors of the party!

We hope our passion comes through in our work.  We do more than take photos.  PicFlips captures memories and wraps it up in a sweet little pocket-sized book.  No batteries required, the flipbooks fit easily in a pocket or purse, and they can be flipped through anytime you need a good laugh or when you want to re-live that memory.

If you’ve got an  upcoming party, gala or soiree, send us an email or give us a ring!  We’d love to add that special touch to your event!  Our mobile flipbook studio will create a buzz at the event and give your guests a sweet reminder of the fun they had.