Proud Moment for An Owner


I am beaming right now.  BEAMING.  I’ve got a little glow, my cheeks hurt and my heart is about to burst out of my chest.  You might think I’m still beaming from seeing the flipbooks this weekend in person inside the Greenbrier at the Dallas Auto Show.  Yes, I’m not gonna lie.  That was a proud moment and I loved it.  But what I am referring to this morning is the training session we did last night with a new up-and-coming group of staff.

I feel we had our most successful training session yet, and I’ll tell you our method.  We broke our office down into Stations and each Station focused on one detail of the process to make flip books.  How to direct guests to make a good video, how to set the perfect lighting no matter the ambient lighting in the venue, how to safely and properly load the vehicles, etc.  We taught them the proper way to calibrate the machines and then messed it up and had the new team members correct it.  We even had an “Oh crap” session with fixes for anything we could think of that could go wrong and how to take care of it to produce a flawless event.

And as I stood back momentarily to watch my core team train the new ones, that’s when it started to happen.  My chest started to puff up and a smile spread across my face.  PicFlips has moved beyond its founders.  I am not needed to eagle-eye over every event.  You better believe I still quality check sample flipbooks brought back from events, and we have systems in place to confirm consistency in our process, but I don’t hover.  It’s what every business owner dreams about.

And I couldn’t be more proud.

Thoughts from Amy on their 5 year wedding anniversary


If you know anything about Shawn and me, it’s that we are both very headstrong, opinionated first-borns.  We are both naturally wired to want to be King of the Mountain.  So, to have built a successful business from the ground up while going through our first years of marriage together and not killing each other in the process is a modern miracle.

At PicFlips, we work with a lot of brides and grooms, so I thought it would be appropriate to share a couple of pieces of golden advice I have gathered along the way.

#1 – It’s okay if you both want to be King of the Mountain – just rule in your own domain.  Shawn is much better at tech support than I am, but I excel at design.  Instead of second guessing the details of the other person’s job, we focus on our own projects and let the other person deal with theirs.  However, when there is a big decision, we both have to be in agreement or we don’t do the deal.

#2 – Build each other up.  We’ve been through some crazy stuff together.  There are surprisingly a fair amount of people out in the business world who don’t have integrity or a moral compass.  If they crush others to get to the top, it doesn’t phase them at all.  I’m saying it way too nicely…there are evil people out in the world.  There. I said it.  In order to thrive in your marriage (and in business), you need to have a united front – a strong fortress to protect each other – a safe place to grow and be yourself.

#3 – Common Ground.  It has made such a difference in our marriage to be “equally yoked.”  Basically, this term comes from Biblical times where if you were plowing your field, you wanted 2 oxen that were equal in strength to work together.  If one is much stronger or larger than the other, you are not as productive and the rows of crops won’t be straight.  In current times, you could use the example of a bicycle-built-for-two.  Both going the same direction, for the same purpose.  Our faith in Christ has made all the difference in the world.  We are so thankful for the deeper connection we share through our beliefs.  Jesus has been our rock, and we give Him full credit for crossing our paths (Shawn is from Michigan, I’m from Texas and we met in Florida!), guiding us on our business decisions, and helping us to grow closer to each other.  There is no way we would be where we are today without His help.  When you are in the lovey-dovey dating phase, having common religious beliefs might not be a big deal, but let me tell you, if you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone, it’s very important!

So, I’m just going to leave you with a comment from Shawn on our way to dinner last night.  As we were reflecting on the past 5 years of marriage, he turned to me and said, “Babe, when you run a marathon, if you can get through the first 5 miles, you can do the whole thing.”  Here’s to 50 more years, Shawn!  I Love You!

Even Superheroes Need a Day Off…


The PicFlips team is in full swing this prom and wedding season…And don’t forget the company picnics, tradeshows, marketing tours, and birthday parties!  Whew!  To ensure that the office team doesn’t get burnt out, Shawn and Amy decided to take the team on a surprise mini-getaway…enjoy!

When Experience Matters…


PicFlips is based out of the DFW area in Texas.  We’re the ones who started the flipbook craze at events and have the patent to prove it!  We’ve been doing events in the Dallas Fort Worth area for 5 years now and have become quite the fixture at parties and events in the metroplex…from heart-warming non-profit galas and action-packed bar/bat mitzvahs to dreamy weddings and memory-filled proms.  We have the best job ever because we go to parties for a living!  The PicFlips team is so privileged to be included in our client’s most precious milestones and events, and we take pride in the job we do!

We have a professional graphic designer who tailors the custom covers to match each event, which are then beautifully printed on glossy paper by a local print shop.  Our event teams are thoroughly trained and held to a high standard.  Even our props are specifically chosen to go along with the theme and colors of the party!

We hope our passion comes through in our work.  We do more than take photos.  PicFlips captures memories and wraps it up in a sweet little pocket-sized book.  No batteries required, the flipbooks fit easily in a pocket or purse, and they can be flipped through anytime you need a good laugh or when you want to re-live that memory.

If you’ve got an  upcoming party, gala or soiree, send us an email or give us a ring!  We’d love to add that special touch to your event!  Our mobile flipbook studio will create a buzz at the event and give your guests a sweet reminder of the fun they had.