Celebrating 2010 at PicFlips!


http://greenmountainharvest.com/northern-lights-rx/ To celebrate the new decade, we’ve decided to narrow down the Top 10 reasons why we love what we do…*ahem*….

buy gabapentin overnight 10.) We’ve met a whole new group of friends in the event industry. Talk about a fun group of people to hang out with! Their parties ROCK!!

9.) What started out as a fun idea in our friend’s creative mind blossomed into a concept seen all over the world.

8.) At PicFlips, we include custom designed and professionally printed flipbook covers at no extra cost. Personally, I (Amy) have always been the creative, free-spirit, so it thrills me to no end to capture the atmosphere and color palette of the event on a flipbook cover. PicFlips flipbook covers can be customized to fit any party or event – the perfect keepsake for partygoers to take home!

7.) We get paid to go to parties and create memories for the guests…that’s my definition of a dream job!

6.) People of all ages love the flipbooks! Children, teens, college kids, adults, grandparents…it’s a product that spans the generations.

5.) The flip book party favor is so universal that it fits in with almost any party – we’ve done birthday parties for a 1 year old to a 70 year old; a baby shower for triplets and a debutante ball for 5; a tour with Bloomingdale’s across the northeast and the launch of Guitar Hero; parties with budgets of a couple thousand dollars to $100,000+; non-profit galas to help fight hunger, cancer, abuse, childhood disease; celebrations of so many kinds!

4.) Ahhh, the nostalgia of flip books…but with the twist of technology. It’s a beautiful thing.

3.) We’ve learned concepts while running this business that they DON’T teach you in college. Some things you just have to experience yourself. If there was a Doctorate in making flipbooks, we would be the professors. It’s a joy to teach other companies around the world what we have learned through years of trial and error.

2.) The PicFlips patent-pending process is so QUICK! Less than 90 seconds per book from start-to-finish right there at the party – made while the guests watch. They love it!

1.) Even after almost 4 years of making flipbooks at events, we never tire of watching guests experience the flipbooks for the first time. You should see their faces light up when they flip through their books for the first time with their photos inside. It’s the same innocent wonder as a kid opening a Christmas present….yeah, it’s that good.

Here’s to another great year in 2010!
The PicFlips team 🙂