Even busy GM executives have time for a flipbook!


USA Today reported that two top General Motors executives stopped by the Chevy flipbook booth at the New York Auto Show (well, not exactly, they said we were a photo booth, but I’ll take it!).  I like this article because it talks about how busy and serious most top executives are, but that they took a moment to enjoy making a light-hearted photo together inside the Greenbrier photo booth.

This really makes my day.  I love that PicFlips flip books can make an intrigued child or a bustling business man both smile at the simple yet clever animation.  And it took less than 90 seconds to receive a finished flip book, so the executives were back on track to unveil the next new vehicle within minutes!  Check out the article for yourself:


Coming Full Circle at the Auto Show


I just love it when things come full circle.  You know, like when I defiantly stated as a tween that I would NEVER drive a minivan like my mom did …and now we have 3 (they are for the business, I say!).   Well, something much cooler has come full circle lately.  Before we were even married and before PicFlips was even a twinkle in our eyes, Shawn and I used to tour the country with the Auto Show circuit.  We worked as Product Specialists, answering questions about the vehicles for attendees.  I gotta admit, my favorite part of the job was whipping out the specs from memory for the compression ratio or torque or something obscure that the gearheads would never expect me to know.

So, fast forward to today, and you can find us back at Auto Shows, but in a new capacity.  We have perfected PicFlips to be the ideal giveaway and experience for events.  Check out Kathryn Larson, a reporter from CBS Detroit, and the fun she is having at the Detroit Auto Show.

PicFlips Flipbooks at the Martha Stewart Bridal Market Party 2011


Those lucky enough to get an invite to Martha Stewart’s Bridal Market Party were in for a treat!  After a full week of the latest fashion and trends for the wedding industry, the Martha Stewart party was the perfect way to celebrate the end of Bridal Fashion Week in New York City.

The color scheme was “clearly color” – translucent pinks and oranges lit up the Martha Stewart Omnimedia Headquarters.  It was simply gorgeous!   Guests were treated to everything “mini” – tiny hamburgers (we’re talking quarter-size maybe?), itty bitty Coca-Colas and Guinesses and, of course, “mini-movies” with PicFlips flipbooks serving as entertainment plus the party favor.  More pictures coming tomorrow….here’s a sneak peak!

As seen at Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s wedding!


PicFlips Flipbooks was honored to be included in the recent celebration of the most anticipated country wedding since Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  Congratulations to Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton on their marriage Saturday, May 14, 2011 at the Don Strange Ranch in Boerne, TX!  True to their nature, the wedding was a mix of down-to earth fun and tailored details, surrounded by family and friends.

The couple put some unique twists to their celebration – Miranda wore her mother’s wedding dress, the menu included game that the couple shot on their ranch, and instead of a typical photobooth, guests made short video clips that were turned into custom flip books.  Red 55 – Miranda’s beloved truck – was the backdrop for the photos and guests had a blast making funny and sweet videos for their flip books using signs, an open picture frame, scarves, hats and various props.  The videos were printed out, cut and bound into pocket-sized PicFlips flip books and handed to guests within minutes.

To see a full listing of the carefully-selected vendors that Blake and Miranda chose for their wedding, check out US Weekly’s article here. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of US Weekly on newsstands to see pictures of the gorgeous day!