“I don’t always make flipbooks, but when I do, I prefer PicFlips.”


Copyright PicFlips - Dos de Mayo 2014b

When Dos Equis announces it’s going to throw a party, you just KNOW it’s going to be a good time.  And as always, Dos Equis never disappoints.  Set in Lower Greenville at O.T. Tavern, Thrillist and Dos Equis threw a Dos de Mayo celebration that would certainly make The Most Interesting Man in the World proud, including a contortionist, a stuntman who swallowed swords and rode a unicycle while getting out of a straight-jacket, and PicFlips’ mobile flipbook studio.  In between getting a drink and watching the NBA Playoff game, guests grabbed their friends and some props to make custom flipbooks and walked away with an awesome keepsake to remember the night.  The sword-swallower even jumped in the photo studio to let some gorgeous ladies draw the sword from his throat.  I can absolutely say in the 8 years we have been making flipbooks, this was a first.  And we’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff!

Flipbooks are perfect for promotional events like this.  Custom designed covers are ideal to highlight the marketing message, pay tribute to sponsors and tie in the giveaway to the rest of the event.  It’s a keepsake that patrons will show to their co-workers, friends and family long after the event is over.

PicFlips Flipbooks @ SXSW with Pepsi MAX


People from all over the world make the trek to Austin, TX each year for the interactive, film and music festival called South By Southwest, or SXSW for short.  From March 11th-20th this year, downtown Austin is transformed into a buzz of activity – buildings get a facelift and revamped into new venues, parking lots are converted into branded places to hang with friends, and people line the streets.

One place that has really made a mark at the 2011 SXSW festival is the Pepsi MAX Lot at 3rd Street & San Jacinto.  Last week, it was a plain old parking lot.  This week, it’s the place to be for happy hours, a wi-fi lounge, delicious food, foursquare & ping pong, lots of free Pepsi MAX and even CUSTOM FLIPBOOKS!PicFlips flipbooks at SXSW with Pepsi MAX

Guests were blown away when they received a free flipbook within minutes of making a short video clip inside the PicFlips studio.  Make a funny video with friends…get a flipbook…flip the pages and see you and your friends inside the pages!  The response was unbelievable!  The PicFlips mobile flipbook studio was set up on Saturday, March 12th, 2011 at the Pepsi MAX Lot for an after-party.

PicFlips Flipbooks will be back for Pepsi MAX’s Monday event featuring Big Boi at the Seaholm Power Plant and for next Saturday’s event at the Pepsi MAX Lot, Snoop Dogg’s Funk n Soul Extravaganz featuring Snoop Dogg, Mayer Hawthorne and the County, and DAM-FUNK.  See ya there!