What a great concept!  I’d like to start my own company using the PicFlips software and patented process.

How do I become a licensee?

We would be happy to help you!  Fill out our form with your request.

Will I operate under my own business name or the PicFlips name?

In the United States, we are licensing the rights to use our software and the PicFlips patented process {US patent #7812998}.  You will need to operate under your own business name and set your own prices.

We suggest that you refer to the process as PicFlips to tie into our brand.  Example: Amy’s Events now offering PicFlips!  Outside of the US, this may vary depending on your distributor.

How much does it cost to get started as a PicFlips licensee?

Please email shawn@iloveflipbooks.com for a quote.  We can’t wait to help you get started!

What does an “event kit” consist of?

One computer, software, printer, and everything else needed to make flipbooks at one location.  If you would like to run more than one setup at an event, you would need to purchase another “event kit.”

Can I put the software on more than one computer?

You can load the software on more than one computer.  However, only one dongle (software key) is provided per license.  The dongle must be plugged into the computer in order for the software to work.

If you would like more than one computer running the software at the same time, you need to purchase additional licenses.

Do you offer exclusive territories?

As a PicFlips licensee, you are free to travel anywhere in the United States you would like in order to perform flipbook services for your clients.  If you are a licensee outside of the USA, this may vary depending on your distributor.